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Zoey’s Post-it Notes by Zoey Steiner

More than anything I love kids, but you know that, right? Imagine a kid who writes a book? Can anything get more awesomer than that?

I think not.

That’s why I decided to read and review Zoey’s Post-it Notes

Zoe is a girl who is getting bullied in school. I don’t know why bullying is still a thing but it IS. I wish it weren’t. I know schools work hard to make it stop, but since sometimes kids can be jerks, it still happens. Zoey didn’t seek help, though but managed to figure out a way to help herself.

Zoey created positive post-it notes and posted them around her room. I’m pretty sure this was the original intention of 3M when they invented these, don’t you? What a more perfect way to inspire or remind yourself of something than to post encouraging notes where you can see them and be helped by them. Zoey had good days and bad days at school but she managed to find a way to make a bad situation good through a post-it note.

I strongly believe in the power of self talk and I have often posted uplifting sayings to myself; usually on a computer at work. It really does work.

I’m so glad Zoey found a way to help herself and is now visiting schools helping other kids improve their self esteem.

I have one note to share with Zoey:

Zoey, if you’re reading this, I think you are AWESOME!

If your child is struggling with bullying perhaps this book will inspire them to seek help.

For more books on bullying click here.

Please get help if you’re being bullied. You don’t have to put up with it and you’re not ugly, stupid, or uncreative or any of the mean things a bully says to you.


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You Can Be a Cool Kind Kid by Barbara Gilmour, an anti bullying book for the littles

Although October is winding down, it’s still important to remember that it’s Anti-Bullying Awareness month. I’m a firm believer in anti-bullying campaigns. Is there anyone who is pro-bullying? If so, I want nothing to do with them.

But I ramble. Here’s an anti-bullying book for the littles. It’s actually a series of books along with items that can be used for a school curriculum: a cd, wristbands, bookmarks, word charts, flash cards (yay!), etc.

You Can Be a Cool Kind Kid by Barbara Gilmour

In the first book, we meet Tanner, he thinks everything is cool. Except bullying. Bullying is not cool. Neither are bad words or being rude. During the rest of the book, Tanner illustrates ways to be cool, by using good manners, helping people, being polite, etc.

The book is a great way to teach self-respect and respect for others. Little ones will get it AND the characters inside the book are a good diverse representation!

BTW I ADORE their slogan: Social Skills that break the cycle of bullying by redefining cool.


Check out their website:

Teachers, get you some of this!





Anti Bullying Prevention: Marlene Marlene the Queen of Mean

Since October is Bullying Prevention Month I thought I’d take a look at a book that caught my eye. It’s called Marlene Marlene, The Queen of Mean and it’s written by Jane Lynch. ┬áPlease check out my video:

What do you think? Is this a more realistic look at a recovering bully? It takes time and they often make mistakes? What’s your fave bullying prevention book?


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