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What’s On My Radar: The Scarlet Letter Scandal by Mary T McCarthy

When you’re ready for some grown folks sexy time, turn to Mary McCarthy’s Scarlet letter Scandal! The ladies of this book (grown up versions of Charlotte, Carrie, Samantha, and Miranda) take you through your own secret fantasies and leave you wanting more. These are the ladies you wish you were friends with but wouldn’t have the guts to befriend: they have sex, aren’t ashamed of it, and revel in their extramarital dalliances.

The Scarlet Letter Scandal by Mary T McCarthy
But don’t think that these ladies are callous and heartless. They love their friends, their families, and will do whatever it takes to protect those they love. The Scarlet Letter Society will help you examine your own sexuality and what it means to be happy.

I read the first book on vacation, which was perfect!

Grab your squad, some wine, and get ready to laugh (and cry).


2014 in Review: Standalones or Series?

Everyone loves a good read, right? Series are so popular because you never hafta leave your best friends; they are always just the next book away! ┬áBut what if you’re burnt out on series? Then where do you turn? To standalones, of course. At the beginning of 2014 I was experiencing a bit of series fatigue so I vowed to avoid SERIES. ┬áLet’s take a look back at my reading habits and see what I ACTUALLY read. Ready? Let’s go!

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