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A Christmas Screwup

I recently attended one of the most interesting book club meetings ever.  To be sure, the opinions are usually quite mixed but generally friendly.  Last night’s discussion, however, was completely different.

I was about the only person in the group who enjoyed the book.  I thought it a fun, light, silly poke at Christmas movies and mankind.

I was in the minority (not a new feeling, for sure).  As the discussions heated up we noticed a few disturbing points and it seemed as if everyone had read a different book. We noticed discrepancies in:

  • the main character’s hometown (Chicago or Minneapolis)
  • the wealth of the main character (wealthy or not)
  • an epilogue (have or have not)
  • method of transport (commercial or private airline)
  • own or not own a condo
  • owner or employee of a power drink company

Are you starting to understand?  Our discussion of the book turned from “I love how crazy gun toting Liz got her comeuppance” (me) to “wait a minute, Sparrow lives in Chicago not Minneapolis!!!” (everyone)

It turns out that the version I read, the first image, is the latest out in time for Christmas 2011. An original version published in 2009 the image in red, offers a slightly different story.

All of this leads me to wonder: What the heck was Keillor thinking?

To be sure, Keillor’s found great success with A Prairie Home Companion and many Lake Wobegon tales.

So, if a writer is so successful, how did  this book become such a hack?  Did he slack off on purpose? Was it put together hastily? Did he have interns or assistants write it?

Or was it a prank, a very bad publicity stunt?

I don’t know the answer but as our book club wrangler said: you will probably never run into this kind of situation again.

I hope not.

What do you think?

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A Christmas Blizzard by Garrison Kellor

Are you a Scrooge? Do you say bah humbug?

Do you hate Christmas?

Do you hate cold weather?

Then you’ll like A Christmas Blizzard.

I just finished reading The Christmas Blizzard by Garrison Keillor.  If you don’t know the name, Keillor is the genius behind A Prairie Home Companion.

He tells a story and it’s funny.

Funny in and it’s so obvious that he’s trying to be funny that you have to laugh. You have to. Ok not tears rolling down your cheeks funny but funny in a chuckle to yourself out loud while reading in public kinda funny.

If you need a quick happy story to read, pick this up.  Blizzard is an easy read and as long as you are open to the fantastic, then you’ll enjoy the story.

It’s my book club read for tonight. I’m sure the conversation will be interesting…