• Mon. Apr 15th, 2024

Student Teaching Funny


I thought the holiday break would be a good time to clean up my “workshop” and make sure everything is up to date for whatever adventure comes my way in 2012. That said, I was browsing through my teaching portfolio (does anyone actually USE these??) and found a funny that i just had to share.

I know the glare is awful.  This report on Abraham Lincoln was

written by a first grader.

Here is what it says (verbatim):

Abe was shot by John Wilkes booth at

1965.  he was born on 1809 and lived in

a log cabben and

had a sister named

Sarah she was the older

older one. he ruened a book and had

to work for three


Dontcha just love kids!?

Have a great holiday, whatever you celebrate!

I think ruened is ruined.