• Wed. Jun 12th, 2024

Start Where You Are journal by Meera Lee Patel


I love journals. I’ve been keeping journals since I was a kid. I can’t walk past a journal without admiring the paper, smelling the lovely fresh smell (shut UP I know you smell books too), and contemplating what secrets I’ll share with my journal. To be sure, probably most of my journals are probably coffee stained, but amidst tears, doodles, stickers, and girl scout song lyrics, there’s my life story.

Start Where You Are journal by Meera Lee Patel

I’ve tried just about every kind of journal there is, but my favorites tend be the ones with relevant inspirational quotes. C

Good advice from Mo Willems: If you ever find yourself in the wrong story, leave.  Then, on the page opposite each quote Patel leaves room for reflection and scribbles and also provides writing prompts.

One of my favorite quotes is; Be yourself, everyone else is already taken. ~Oscar Wilde

Pop this journal in your tote bag and when you’re waiting at the bus stop or sitting in the car at school pick up time, use that time to scribble a few thoughts. Self reflection is the best kind of homework.

While you’re at it, grab some markers and make it fun.

Buy an extra pack for your kid, cuz you don’t want them taking yours.

Better buy some stickers too, cuz, you know, stickers are fun.

What’s your fave journal?