• Thu. Jun 13th, 2024

Sanctuary by Wendy Marloe


A sanctuary can be big or small, bright or dark…

I love Sanctuary by Wendy Marloe.

Sanctuary by Wendy Marloe

No matter your age, you prolly have a need for a space that’s just your own; a sanctuary. ┬áSome kids like forts, some like comfy beds or cushy pillows. And as you’ll see in Sanctuary, everyone’s space is different.

I happen to love the beach. My sanctuary is under a palapa, stretched out on a beach chair, with a bottle of water, my earphones plugged in and a big, thick book.

Sanctuary by Wendy Marloe

That’s my sanctuary. Of course, this beach is a little too crowded for me, but with my headphones I hardly notice. That’s the great thing about a sanctuary; it can be different things to different people. What a great conversation starter with little kids, isn’t it? How great would it be to get them to tell you where their sanctuary is or what it is?

Many thanks for the folks at Marloe Press for sending me this great book. It’s the perfect nap time or bed time book. Or when you want to start a conversation. Or anytime, really.

What’s your sanctuary and what do you like to do there?