• Fri. Jul 12th, 2024

Little Red Wagon


photo courtesy IMDB

Although I haven’t yet reviewed a movie that wasn’t preceded by a book, I was thrilled to asked to review the movie Little Red Wagon.  The movie premieres October 5th and is one of the best family movies I’ve seen in a while.  If you like movies about kids who accomplish impossible things then this is the movie for you.

Young Zach is just a little guy who has been lucky enough to ride out a hurricane (Hurricane Charley, 2004).  He offers to collect a few things for those in need and in turn becomes a local hero.  This little guy, with his red hair and cheeky smile, never takes no for an answer as he encourages people to help him fulfill his goal of helping homeless kids.  In turn, he ends up helping more people than he realizes, including a family he meets in person.

Little Red Wagon makes you feel good and despite my not knowing how to operate a DVD player, Pumpkin and I cried at the ending TWICE.  It’s that moving, and not in a contrived way.  It’s genuine.

You gotta go see this movie.  It’s suitable for all ages. In the Philadelphia area it’s playing at Regal Cinema in Oaks.

Did I mention that the people who made Rudy also made this movie?  Who doesn’t love Rudy??

I give it 4 paws because I love when kids do things for other people!