• Tue. Jun 18th, 2024

Ranger Rick’s Travels National Parks! by Stacy Tornio & Ken Keffer


I’m on vacation right now which is the perfect accompaniment for a book about National Parks.

Ranger Rick's Travels National Parks


While there’s no National Park in Aruba listed in the book, there are plenty of other beautiful parks to see across the US and the Caribbean.  I was amazed at how many beautiful parks there were! The book can be used so many different ways. I sat down and read it cover to cover which was great because of the great descriptions and the AMAZING photographs. You can read the book from A to Z and learn about every single fabulous park that exists.

Alternately, if you’re trying to plan a vacation around a National Park, you can use this book for that as well. Pick a state and the book will tell you what parks are there and what fabulous experiences they have to offer. The photos are amazing. Did I mention that? I love following Ranger Rick‘s (I used to read his magazines as a child) useful facts in each park. For example, The Capitol Reef National Park in Southern Utah is famous for “Red and rugged landscape that locals refer to as a ‘reef'”.  The incredible photos include pics of a cute little canyon treefrog, a side-blotched lizard and a golden eagle. It’s like you’re right there in Utah.

If you have a little one who can’t quite read yet, no matter! They can marvel at the beautiful photos! This book has something for everyone! The National Park Service turned 100 just a few days ago, can you believe it? 100 years of National Parks and I haven’t seen any of them (sadly there are none in PA where I live); but what are YOU waiting for! Go get a National park visit in your schedule and maybe have a slice of cake on me. I cannot resist birthday cake. But you knew that already didn’t you?