• Wed. Jun 12th, 2024

A Brief Public Service Announcement about Food Safety


You may not know this about PammyPam, but I’m a fussy eater.  I have every right to be, because if there is an item of food that will upset someone’s stomach, it’s mine.  I’ve gotten sick from under cooked food so many times it makes me not want to eat.  Sometimes.  I’m crazy for expiration dates on food!

Not only don’t I like to get sick, I love nothing more than reading a good book while eating.  Food.  Especially food that’s handled appropriately.

So when a friend asked me to discuss food myths, I agreed.  While I’m pretty sure a chicken won’t hatch from one of the eggs in my refrigerator, I’m sure there is information that might help us have happy tummies.

So, I’m putting on my magic myth busting cape and becoming a MYTHBUSTER!!

Re Freezing thawed food?? WOW. I thought that was a major no no.  So glad I’m in the KNOW!

Want more information? I know you do…

Check out the Partnership for Food Safety Education’s website.  You can also look at the Food Safety.org‘s website.  I know sometimes it’s difficult to think about where and how our food is handled, but it’s important to be informed to protect yourself and your little ones. Or big ones.

Am I the only one who keeps a list on the fridge of how long to keep foods?