• Wed. Jun 12th, 2024

The Pea Patch Jig by Thacher Hurd


If your kiddos are looking for another farm book but have exhausted Old MacDonald, why not try The Pea Patch Jig by Thacher Hurd?


Just like Old MacDonald, there is a musical component to The Pea Patch Jig as well. The stories inside the Pea Patch Jig revolved around the Mouse family, who live on Farmer Clem’s farm. Stinkin cute Baby Mouse just won’t stay asleep and is constantly running off and getting into mischief. ¬†Father and Mother Mouse stay busy rescuing Baby Mouse from her adventures.

The vibrant colors and mischievous adventures of Baby Mouse are sure to win over young fans. But keep your eye on young Baby Mouse, will ya, Mama?