• Fri. Apr 19th, 2024

Taking the Mystery out of Black History Month: All The Right Stuff by Walter Dean Myers

There’s a reason the late great Walter Dean Myers was named the National Ambassador for Young People’s Literature:  he gets young people. His books are for, by, and about, young people. Young people of all different walks of life. Ask any boy in 11th grade, he’s probably read at least one WDM book (Sunrise in Fallujah, for example). And why is that? Because WDM books rock!

They’re not just about life in the inner city, although there’s plenty of that. His books are about growing up and learning to be yourself and learning how to adapt to the world and making choices. Who can’t relate to that? And you know what else? All the Right Stuff relates to food.


All the Right Stuff by Walter Dean Myers

How’s that?

After young Paul’s father is killed, he takes a summer job in a soup kitchen in Harlem. The soup man and Paul discuss economics, politics, and decision-making.  And Paul learns how to make soup. Here’s my review.

Another reason to love Black History Month! Also? Counts toward the Diversity Reading Challenge!!