• Wed. Jan 26th, 2022

My Book Nook

my new little students love books! the problem is, they don’t take proper care of them.

To be sure, I am constantly giving them proper book behavior lessons and opportunities to practice.

I moved the “library” into a quiet corner of the room and called it a book nook.  The kids seem to love the book nook idea but still have trouble treating the books properly.  So while I work to teach proper book handling skills, I try to keep only a few books in the nook as possible. I put most of the books up out of reach, hoping to eliminate the need to grab a handful of books and walk on them or throw them around the room.  Having most of the books out of reach does not make me happy but neither does taping up ripped books or picking them up off the floor 3 skillion times.

The children often ask for “teacher books”, which for the most part, they care for properly. I want the same level of respect for kids books as for teacher books.

Anyone have any advice?

8 thoughts on “My Book Nook”
  1. Maybe the books go away until they can be taken care of. I’m not sure the ages of the kids, but if they are younger, if they put their books away each day and take care of them then at the end of the day or week they get a sticker.

  2. What about…

    making colored copies of the covers of each book
    take all of those cover copies and laminate them
    bind them into a book
    let the students thumb through that to choose the one book they want you to read to them or they want to check out

  3. Hmm… I’m going to think on this a bit and get back to you. I know there has to be a way to keep the books intact but not keeping them out of reach.

  4. I’m with you on this. I’ve taught both my daughters about respecting books from a young age. It makes me wonder if these children don’t have many books in their home 🙁 I hope you find a solution so they can have the enjoyment of books in your class.

    1. these children are older twos and young threes. i dont know whether they’ve not been exposed to books at home OR there arent enough rules and consequences at home to understand wrong from right.

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