• Wed. Jan 26th, 2022

X means Cheating #AtoZ Challenge



The last few days of the Blgoging from A to Z April Challenge is kinda like the last leg of the Boston marathon: you wanna finish, but you’re sooooo friggin fraggin TIRED!! Tired as you are, you just want it to end.


Not me! But because I know some of you may feel this way, I’m cutting you some slack and i’m only going to show you two books today for the letter X. It’s kind of cheating but whatever.

The first:

Extra Credit













Extra Credit by Andrew Clements.  The cheating is that Extra starts with E, not X. Poetic license.

so DO me something.


I bet you thought I REALLY didn’t have a book for X right?













I do. It’s Xenocide by Orson Scottt Card


Why is this cheating?

Cuz I used the title last year.  There just really aren’t any KIDS books that start with the letter X. Plenty of adult ones, but you know, not within the scope of this thing here.



You’re welcome!


7 thoughts on “X means Cheating #AtoZ Challenge”
  1. That’s a good post and let me see if I can also X the same way on my blog!!

  2. Good call for using the Xenocide book. I wouldn’t even know that you used it last year if you didn’t mention it in this blog post. Still, let’s not call that cheating. I’d like to think of it as up-cycling. That way, it’s good for the environment! 😉

    A-to-Z Co-Host
    The Madlab Post

    1. X and Q were my toughest. Anyone else?

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