• Fri. Jul 19th, 2024

Lola and Tattletale Zeke by Marcia Goldman


Tattletales are the WORST!!! I have two kiddos of my own and I have seen the damage tattling can cause. In our house, Pumpkin, the younger sister, would tattle on #1 son about EVERYTHING.

It was awful. And so annoying. I’m sure I’m not the only parent who suffered through this experience! How do you teach little ones the difference between tattling and informing?

It’s so so so hard! I came up with a trick when I taught preschool that worked for us. I drew a giant elephant head with very large ears and told the littles to talk to Mrs. Ears (or whatever I called her) about whatever was troubling them. Quite often the littles would wait their turn to talk to a posterboard with a kindly elephant face.  Sometimes, though, it just wasn’t enough and the kids just HAD to tell me.

I wished I’d had Lola and the Tattletale Zeke by Marcia Goldman to share with them.

1 Lola (3)


Just LOOK at Lola!!! How ding dang adorable is she????

Well Lola has an annoying little brother named Zeke who tattles. Sweet Lola is at her wit’s end with this annoying little brother but she manages to work the situation out so that both she and Zeke learn a lesson.  OMG the photos in this book are so so so so so ADORABLE!!


If your littles don’t learn a lesson from Lola and Zeke in this book, you must not be showing them the pictures. Kids love dogs and they will love LOLA. Aaaaaaaaand they will learn any lesson that Lola is teaching. Prolly even trigonometry.


Marcia and Lola visit schools and talk about Autism. Lola could talk to me about anything, she’s so adorable!

You’ve got to grab this book and read it to your littles. And maybe your pooch. Especially if your doggie is still piddling on the floor.  Are you listening Bailey?

A dorbs.

Look at that face.