Got Kids? Submit a 90 Second Newbery Award Film!

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The 90-Second Newbery Film Festival is an annual video contest in which young filmmakers create movies that tell the entire stories of Newbery-winning books in about 90 seconds. We are now entering our sixth year!

We feature the best submissions at annual special-event screenings in New York City, Chicago, San Francisco, Minneapolis, Portland, Tacoma, Rochester, San Antonio and other cities—co-hosted by founder James Kennedy (author of the young-adult fantasy The Order of Odd-Fish) and other award-winning children’s authors. Here’s the schedule for this year’s screenings(want to bring the 90-Second Newbery to your town? Contact me at [email protected]).

If you like creative kids and books then the 90 Second Newbery Award Film Festival is for you! Take your fave Newbery Award winner and make a film out of it. That’s it! Make it as kooky, quirky, or creative as you want and send it to my BESTIE James (tell him Pammy Pam says Hi) and you could see yourself on the big screen.

Seriously, these are the BEST DANG films I’ve ever seen! We had the fortune to view a few at KidLitCon in Wichita and I want to tell you the folks never heard such laughter. Like Frog and Toad as puppets? Heelarious!

I need to borrow a kid so I can be in a film…

6 thoughts on “Got Kids? Submit a 90 Second Newbery Award Film!”

  1. I just passed this info on to my school’s literacy committee… this is one of the sessions I wished I could have gone to at Kidlitcon.

  2. Pam! Thank you so much for getting the word out about the film festival! Please tell me that you’ll be coming to Chicago sometime!

    1. Well Jimmy Jam I finally have a reason to go to Chicago.

      1. I am sorry for what white people just did to this country and POC. I am ashamed and angry. Injustice has always been in plain sight in this country, I know, but this feels like the edge of a new abyss. I don’t know what else to say. Time to fight harder.

        1. James once i stop mourning i’ll be ready to fight. until then i’m licking my wounds. But when i come back, we’ll put our boxing gloves on and get to work!

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