• Fri. Jul 19th, 2024

Too Clever Series Susan’s Shadow and Megan’s Troublesome Pronouns by Julia Antoine


Susan’s Shadow

Book 11 of the Too Clever series is about young Susan. Poor Susan is lonely. She wants to play with her older brother and his friends but naturally, they don’t want a little sister tagging along. Susan has a friend, Marcie, but the two don’t share the same interests when it comes to playing. So Susan is lonely. Then she gets the idea that she wants a dog as a companion, which the family eventually agrees to. While learning to care for her new pet, Susan makes a new friend who also has a dog. I believe the dog makes her a better person and a better friend to Marcie in the end.



Megan’s Troublesome Pronouns

Pronouns are tricky stuff and young Megan always relied on her father to help her out with her homework. But after Megan’s father dies suddenly in a car accident, Megan loses interest in schoolwork and reading. The family struggles through this difficult time; everyone feels the loss of the father. Eventually the family learns to hear and Megan resumes her schoolwork and learns to once again take pride in her achievements. Fortunately for Megan she has friends that she can turn to when she needs to get away from her annoying little brother.


I enjoyed both of these books. You know I enjoy books that teach lessons and Megan’s Troublesome Pronouns is especially a winner for showing the different examples of the way people grieve the loss of a loved one.