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It’s Monday, Here’s What I’m Reading!


 It’s Monday and I’m participating in Book Journey’s

It’s Monday, what are you reading?

I have 3 books I want to highlight before the close of Black History Month.  During the month, I’ve tried to highlight books by and about African-Americans as well as other cultures, to make it more of a diverse feature, which is how I see it in my mind’s eye.

Momma, Where Are You From by Marie BradbyMomma, Where are you From is a sweet story.

When the Momma tells her little girl where she’s from, she doesn’t give specific locations, like city and a state; but rather tells her about the kinds of things she did while growing up. “I am from beans-green, lima, and pea-picked, strung, snapped, and shelled into pans, then put on the stove to simmer for an hour.”

This was the momma’s African-American childhood. Maybe it’s yours or someone you know?

The illustrations are sweet too.


The Boy Who Ran with the Gazelles by Marianna MayerThe Boy who Ran with the Gazelles is a story that depicts some sort of tribal family. The mother runs out of milk and gives her child to the pet gazelle to nurse.  The family heritage is unclear; it could be aboriginal of any country. I like that and I don’t. The ambiguity bothers me.  The illustrations, however, are a soft watercolor with muted shades of teal, browns, and oranges which add to the hieroglyphic feel of the story.  I can in no way support the idea of a child nursing from an animal. It’s just weird.  I thought perhaps the child had been separated from his family and was raised by the gazelles, but nursed? ew.

I guess I’m not as open-minded as I thought.


This is the Way We Eat Our Lunch by  Edith BaerThis is the Way we Eat Our Lunch delightfully depicts children from around the globe eating lunch. “Colombia  Fresh tamales, spicy hot! Flora loves them –who would not?”

Kids will love the rhymes and also discovering what other kids eat for lunch. I’m hungry reading this book…

p.s. “Max and Millie, willy-nilly, have their pretzels, a la Philly.”  I can vouch for pretzel eating here in Philly!



My thoughts about these books? Over all I give them 3 paws for representing multicultural lifestyles to children.

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