Diversity Reading Challenge

Immigration Stories We Need to Hear: America Deconstructed by Chaithanya Sohan and Shaima Adin

America Deconstructed by
Chaithanya Sohan and Shaima Adin

Here’s a collection of immigration stories. Stories so timely and eye opening to their struggles.

Naseer was nine years old when he escaped Taliban and fled Afghanistan with his mom and siblings… “There are some people who are coming to take me away”, chronicles the resilience of a nine year old boy as he traveled from Afghanistan to America in his quest for the American dream. “I saw a ripe mango I’d like to pluck” showcases the love story of Chidiebere and Ifeyinwa, which begins in rustic Nigeria and culminates into a life in America.

Their journey chronicles their struggles with language, culture and being African in America. In the story “ Kosovo, really…cool”, Lisian takes us through his journey to America and often being asked his identity in spite of being white. In the story “I am exotic, mocha, P-diddy”, Parag describes his journey from a young sixth grader who hid his attraction to boys in conservative India to embracing his sexuality in America.

America Deconstructed follows the journeys of sixteen immigrants who have left their home countries in search of the American dream. The stories combine humor and emotions as the protagonists maneuver cultural differences, accents and uncomfortable situations while feeling a sense of belonging in America.

This moving collection counts as part of the Diversity Reading Challenge.

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