• Mon. Apr 15th, 2024

How I Choose Books


How I choose books, the uncomplicated version.

I read books according to what interests me.  Looking back on my reading history I tend to read books that:

  • Are on the Newberry list or any other award list
  • Are about to come out as a movie
  • My kids read and look interesting
  • Other people have suggested
  • Just look interesting

I am constantly on the prowl for a new book to read and I scour garage sales, thrift stores, used book stores, and other people’s bookshelves for books.  I am not against approaching a stranger and asking them about the book they are reading. Don’t be alarmed, I’m harmless, just a book lover! Anyway, I’ve decided to come up with a plan for my reading for the next few months.

My (tentative) reading plan is as follows: through the end of summer I will continue to read award winning authors.  In the fall I think I will attempt the banned books list. Meantime I may toss in an odd book here or there based on other book lovers.  I also read adult fiction and have a big stack of those to read too. One day, one day (sigh).

Here is what I’m planning to read next, in no particular order:

  • The Road to Paris, Nikki Grimes
  • The Silver Chair, CS Lewis (working my way through this series)
  • Walk Two Moons, Sharon Creech (I think this is a re-read)
  • The Wanderer, Sharon Creech

Remember, I am ALWAYS open to suggestions so please send some my way!