• Tue. Jun 18th, 2024

Are you Housebound due to #Covid19? Got dirty books? Clean them. Here’s How.


I don’t know where you are; but I am in suburban Philadelphia and our county has just been put under lockdown: no school, no gym and no large gatherings. What’s a bookworm gonna? You’re gonna read a book to pass the time, right? But are those books safe? Could they be a little germy?

michelle garrett

I get it. You love books but you wanna be safe; our beloved books get dirty and carry germs.  Books are easy to clean, with a little care. Here are tools you can use to #clean your #books. Remember, never apply liquid directly to a book. 

Cleaners: Clorox/Lysol wipes, alcohol swabs, wet ones, window cleaner (contains ammonia!), hand sanitizer (in a pinch).

Directions: Lightly (LIGHTLY) wipe a small section of the book to see if it will withstand cleaning. Use a wipe sparingly. Wipe dry with an old rag (t-shirt, towel, etc). 

Alternately, pour a VERY SMALL drop of sanitizer, alcohol, or window cleaner on a rag and wipe the area clean. (Vodka is an alcohol that can be used to clean too!)

Use a clean cloth/wipe/etc each time to avoid spreading the #virus 

I often wipe down books when I buy them from garage sales or thrift shops, because you just never know. 

Fabric books for baby can be washed like any other linen.

Plastic books that babies mouth should be cleaned after each use.

Times are weird right now; money may be tight. Don’t go out and purchase new books when you have perfectly fine old books at home waiting to be read or re-read. Or better yet, scrub them clean and host a book swap with your friends!


*image courtesy of michelle garrett