Hotlight Spotlight: A YA book tackling LGBT issues

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WOW.  Got your attention with that title, didn’t I? The title of the book is Fag by author Krissy Bells.

Fag_-_High_Resolution   I think you can guess what the book is about, can’t you? Here’s a bit about the title:

Aaron Garrett is many things in life: he is a son, a friend, a student, and caring boyfriend to his lovely girlfriend Leigh Ann. In these roles, he is kind, hardworking, smart, loving, dedicated, and considerate. At Jefferson High School, he is a leader, a football star, and well-respected by his peers. Aaron’s life is perfectly on track, he is pursuing a college scholarship and hopeful for the future, except for just one thing: Aaron Garrett is gay. When a former child star from Aaron’s small Southern town saturates the national media after making homophobic comments, Aaron’s life is turned upside down as supporters rally around the sentiments. Social media attention begins to swell nationally and locally until it begins to eat away at every part of Aaron’s existence.

Wow. And you think your life is tough. Try being a teen who’s gay who gets outed.  Not fun.  Reminds me of a lot of issues the LGBT teen population is facing now. BellsauthorThe author, Krissy Bells, was born and raised in the Detroit metro area. A former school secretary, she now spends her days as a stay-at-home mom. She is passionate about her family and friends, her Dachshund named Harry, and anything topped with cheese or chocolate. She can be contacted at [email protected].

5 thoughts on “Hotlight Spotlight: A YA book tackling LGBT issues”

  1. Wow, I hadn’t heard of this before. That’s a bold title for sure. I’m going to have to get this one since I seek out LGBT books. Thanks for putting it on my radar.

  2. That title certainly got my attention. This kind of story, to bring awareness for what it’s like to be a LGBT teen, is what we need! I am applauding Krissy for writing this book! I wish her much success.

    And thank you, Pam, for everything you did for the A to Z Challenge! 🙂

    1. thank you for visiting. these kids need more representation for sure!

  3. Thank you for helping to share this story Pam and thank you to your readers for checking it out:)

    1. You’re welcome. I’m so happy to be part of your tour!

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