• Fri. Jul 19th, 2024

Have you heard of Rabbids by Papercutz?




Rabbids is the latest thing from my pals at Papercutz. If you like rabbits you’ll love these guys. Personally, thanks to Bunnicula and the bunny from Monty Python, I’m scared of these reckless demons but that’s just me.

You will prolly love them. Here’s why;

We don’t know where they came from. We don’t know how they got here. But we do know this: they’re here to play! Rabbids are curious little creatures that have invaded Earth, and they’re on a mission to have tons of fun. Whether it be playing with plungers or canoodling with cows, these little Rabbids love causing chaos wherever they go. When trouble is afoot, you know these furry fiends are never too far away!

Wait, is that my iPhone cord they’re wrapped up in?