• Sun. Jun 23rd, 2024

Happy Dia de los Muertos!


When I lived in San Antonio, I witnessed large celebrations of Dia de los Muertos. Being from Pittsburgh, I had no idea what it meant but because I love everything about the Hispanic culture, I was hooked after some education. Day of the Dead translates simply into day of the dead. Despite what you think, it’s not some creepy zombie thing.  It’s a celebration of the lives of those you’ve loved who have died.  The way Mexicans honor those loved ones is by dressing up in sugar skulls and eating lots of candy, decorating in bright festive colors, dancing, drinking and general merriment. Anything that involves candy and cake is my kind of holiday, no?


I try to review dia books each year but this year I decided just to point you in the direction of other sites to see what they are doing.   Click the link to see my review.

Here’s a link to a list of books from Babble.

Beautiful slide show from National Geographic.

Here’s how they’re celebrating in San Diego. Oh what a beautiful city!

And there’s a movie called The Book of Life which references the beautiful colors of Dia…


I haven’t seen the movie so if you’ve seen it let me know what you think.


Here’s an activity book in case you need some ideas for your sugar skulls.

Now you’re all set.