• Fri. Jun 21st, 2024

The Geek’s Guide to Dating by Eric Smith


The Geek’s Guide to Dating by Eric Smith



Hey friends, I’m here to talk about dating.  I can sum up dating in two words: Boys have cooties. Ok, so that’s 3 words.  But  I can equally say the same about girls:  Girls are Impossible. (I should know, I are one)


But, if you’ve decided you just HAVE to date, snag a copy of my bestie Eric Smith’s book The Geek’s Guide to Dating.  Eric (aka Pookie) is the expert on modern dating matters.  First of all, Big Pook gives it to you straight: you’re a geek so you need to accept that fact and work with what you have.  That’s just the kind of dating advice I need.  If I were X years younger.  And single. But no matter, for the purpose of this review, I’m a single geek like you.


So, inside Pook helps us identify our Geek and then we can learn to work our geek powers for good.  You’ll be surprised to know that I am an academic geek; one who loves books and is not afraid to engage in lengthy dissertations about my fave books.  Take the quiz that starts on page 21 to see what your geek superpowers are.  Remember we must use these powers for good.

There are many problems with being a geek and wanting to date.  Smith identifies these problems and offers sound advice on how to overcome them.  For example:

  • Where to meet datable people
  • What to say to datable people
  • What to wear if actually secure date with datable people

You see the pattern? Geek’s Guide to Dating covers it all. From nose hairs to bad breath to sex. Big Pook tells you what to do and how to find a wingman (wingperson) to help you coordinate your dating activities.  (SB: I always took a friend on a date in case I wanted to ditch)

You can’t go wrong with the Geek’s Guide to Dating.  Buy multiple copies and give them to your fellow Geek friends.  As Smith says “All your date are belong to us.”

I wish I’d had this book when I was a single geek girl wading in the internet dating cesspool.  But eventually, I found my own geek!

And BTW? Gotta love a dating book that references LOTR, right??