• Tue. Jun 18th, 2024

Front Desk by Kelly Yang


Front Desk by Kelly Yang

If you’re looking for a book to share with your Asian American friends, here’s a book for you. It’s so great to see our young Asian friends depicted in books, isn’t it? Young Mia is the child of immigrants and boy have they had a rough time in America. They go from living in their car to being caretakers of a motel owned by the evilest of villians, Mr. Yao. Mia struggles to make friends, be a good Chinese person, plus become the American girl she wants to become. It’s difficult and you can feel for her. It’s a sweet story with charming moments that I’m sure everyone can relate to, not just immigrants.

Front Desk also is a multiple award winner: Cybils, my blog, The Diversity Reading Challenge, and the ALA Asian/Pacific American Award for Literature. Congrats Kelly Yang!

Need a book for the Diversity Reading Challenge? Front Desk fits the bill.

An Asian main character. Isn’t it great that the world finally gets to see more authors of color?