• Thu. Jul 18th, 2024

Lara Ashley and Flee! When Even Paradise Turns Deadly

Rhonda Campbell wanted to spend her summer vacation working as an intern on a farm in Hawaii. It sounded perfect until paradise turned deadly. That’s when she knew it was time to FLEE!


After their junior year in high school, Rhonda and her friend Alicia arrive on Maui to work as interns at idyllic Nitridia Farm. Complicating Rhonda’s life is an unwanted supernatural “gift” which warns her something tragic is about to happen.

Befriended at the airport by two hot college students —Jason and Roger — they all arrive at the farm along with Keoni (a local they pick up along the way). Rhonda is a vegetarian, while handsome but arrogant Jason loves red meat. The two squabble over everything while Roger and Alicia quickly develop a relationship.

When Roger’s car won’t start, all five are stuck together on the farm overnight. And it doesn’t take long before they discover unusual things are happening inside of the Nitridia Farm. As they attempt to investigate the farm, they soon realize that something is terribly wrong with the plants. One discovery after another helps them all come to the conclusion that it is time to leave. That’s when things turn from bad — to much worse…


Sounds like a great story, huh? If you’re like me, you’re trapped in a wintry wonderland of snow and the thought of being in Maui right now sounds GREAT! Check out the author, Lara, at her website, Lara’s Lies for more information or to order the book.

And by all means, wear SUNSCREEN!