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 Feature Friday clubhouse

INTRO: Fridays are special days around here because it’s the day we get to share our friends with you and who doesn’t like to make new friends?  Welcome to our Feature Friday Clubhouse, a place where we share guest posts, interviews, mini reviews and other fun bits from our friends!


As we all learned in their first graphic novel adventure, the Thea Sisters are a really smart bunch; not only are they the best and brightest of Thea Stilton’s journalism students at Mouseford Academy, but they’re also tough problem-solvers who super-sleuth their way to fixing serious ecological messes. While the second volume of the new THEA STILTON graphic novel series opens with an ordinary competition for class president, it quickly snowballs into something a lot more dangerous! A ghostly ship, seals covered in a sticky pink ooze, and a mysterious bicycle accident all provide clues to a mystery that may determine the fate of Whale Island forever. THEA STILTON chapter books have sold over 6,000,000 copies worldwide to date, and Papercutz, the comics publisher for kids, is thrilled to keep the craze going in these beautifully illustrated graphic novel mysteries.

Here is a sneak peak inside . . .


Thea 2_Page_1


Thea 2_Page_2

Thea 2_Page_4

Thea 2_Page_5


Thea 2_Page_6


Now that you have had a little taste, I am sure you will want to check out the whole book. Go get it and enjoy!

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