• Tue. Jul 23rd, 2024

Father’s Day! Books for, By, & About Your Old Man


Father’s Day is prolly the most neglected holiday, isn’t it? It’s just Dad, he won’t care, will he? Aww shucks, let’s call him collect (is that even a THING anymore) and reverse the charges, cuz The Old Man is just lucky that we think of him at all, right?


Dad’s are people too, right and they have feelings.

Of course they have feelings. They just might not show it like Moms do.

Here are a few books to say Happy Father’s Day to the guy who prolly taught you how to burp the alphabet, dig for worms, and pulled your front tooth with a string. ┬áHe’s prolly also the guy who taught you how to ride a two wheeler, and will be waiting nervously for you when you take the car out for the first time.

Yep, that’s Dads.

Here’s to them!

pregnancy for Dads

Gonna be a Dad? Get him

Pregnancy for Dads.


Forggy's Day with Dad


Does your little one like Froggy? Celebrate

Froggy’s Day with Dad!


How to cheer up Dad


Have a sad Dad? Here’s

How to Cheer Up Dad.


Daddy's Girl


Daddy’s Girl: Dad You Mean Everything to Me.


And finally

Daddy is My Hero


Daddy is My Hero

I love the Sheriff badge!


So this Father’s Day, take time out to thank your Pops, Dad, Dada, Old man or whatever you call him.