• Wed. Jul 17th, 2024

Fashion Friday #BEA style


So…you might have heard that BEA (book expo america) is coming up.  You might have seen it on Twitter or even…HERE.

You might also imagine that anyone who’s going is prolly pretty excited to attend.  And it’s true!  I am 9 kinds of excited to be attending Book Expo America! While I’m there, I’ll attend the book blogger portion, walk around on the dance exhibit floor, mingle at parties, sit in on some life changing sessions, and visit the cool people at Blog World.  There will be so much to do, and I want to look my best.

To look my best, I turned to polyvore to put some outfits together: since I am an unconventional librarian i feel it is appropriate to marry book reviews and fashion together. At least this once. Please indulge me, mkay?

Here is a look my pumpkin put together for me that I love: a dark colored top, jeans, and flats!  The purse and the coffee and the books are the perfect accessories for me, don’t you think? This really is how I dress every day, but it’s a little too casual for BEA.

With that in mind, I picked up a few things that might work for BEA. Here, Cleo helps me unpack some toiletries from Target.

Now here’s the fun stuff! I bought a mad hot linen suit in blue (bottom left) to mix into and enhance my look.

It screams TAKE ME SERIOUSLY!!! Doesn’t it?

Dang skippy it does. It’s my new power suit!

What is your power suit?