• Wed. Jul 17th, 2024

What’s In My Ear: Ready Player One by Ernest Cline and OMG Will Wheaton!


Why haven’t you read Ready Player One yet??

Ready Player One by Ernest Cline and OMG Will Wheaton!Seriously?






If you’re a reader, this book is for you!

If you’re a teenager this book is for you!

If you’re a parent and you’re over 40 (ahem) this book is for you!

If you’re a gamer, a geek, a nerd, a dork, African American, Japanese, a hacker, a teacher, a dreamer, a Trekkie, a vintage lover, a Star Wars fan, or anyone who loves a good time, this book is for you!

The only person who this book isn’t for is for people who don’t like to have a good time.

And that’s all you’ll do is have a good time. I smiled from the moment I cracked open the book. Or in this case, downloaded the book.



And OMG did I mention Will Wheaton?

He’s delightful!

If you have nostalgic feelings about the 80s, your childhood, Capn Crunch, your first computer, your first pacman or even Monty Python, you’ll love RPO. It’s all in there. It turns the glorious geekiness of the 80s into something that we people of a certain age can be proud of! This book is an homage to pop culture at it’s finest.

Cline recognizes that geek is CHIC no matter your ethnicity or socio economics.

Parents, mind there is some language that might not be suitable for your under 12 kids, although I’m SURE, they’re hearing the same words on the school bus.

Once again, Audible.com delivers.

I’m taking that order.

This is a book you’ll reread again and again.

And let those kid fill up on pop culture knowledge and sugary cereal with toys in them. They might become skajillion-aires!

Cereal still does have toys in them, right?