• Thu. Jul 18th, 2024

Diversity Reading Challenge 2022


The Diversity Reading Challege




I invented the Diversity Reading Challenge for people who wanted to read diverse books but didn’t know where to start. It’s so so EASY. There are 12 categories. Choose one category a month and in one year you will have read 12 diverse books! hopefully the categories will inspire you to read more! I like to read children’s and YA literature, so the challenge is geared toward kid’s books but is easily adaptable to adult books, non fiction, speculative fiction, romance, etc.

When choosing a book for the 2022 Challenge look for books that are/have:

  1. by or about a Latinx person
  2. a main character with a mental illness
  3. by or about someone who is overweight
  4. an African American young woman as main character 
  5. an Asian American main character
  6. an illustrator of color
  7. A graphic novel
  8. a Muslim main character
  9. an African American young man on the cover
  10. a main character with a physical disability
  11. an LGBTQ main character
  12. A refugee or displaced person

You can combine categories OR combine the DRC with other challenges. The options are endless!