• Sun. May 26th, 2024

Diversity Reading Challenge 2020 is Here! Read #DiverseBooks


diversity reading challenge

It’s time for the Diversity Reading Challenge! Reading diverse books benefits everyone and the DRC makes it easy. Pick one book from each category.

Read a book:

  1. Written by and for a Latinx person
  2. Containing an African American young woman
  3. An African American young man
  4. With a SE Asian main character
  5. With an illustrator of color
  6. Containing an LGBTQ main character
  7. Graphic novel with people of color
  8. Of speculative fiction containing people of color
  9. With a native American protagonist
  10. With a person with a mental illness
  11. With a person with a disability
  12. With a Muslim main character

You can combine it with other challenges or do it alone. It’s like peanut butter, it goes with everything!

I can already think of 7 books that would go with the Diversity Reading Challenge. What’s your first read gonna be?