• Fri. May 24th, 2024

Distinctive Bookmarks for Distinctive Readers @CogworksLtd #ad


Every reader needs a bookmark! Why is it though, that no matter how many bookmarks I acquire (usually free or cheap) I can never find one when I need one?

I think I can’t keep up with my bookmarks because they are forgettable. But I’ve found some bookmarks that will help me keep up with them.  My friends at Cogworks make beautiful things out of trees.  And there are only a few things that I like more than trees: books, kids, and cake.  I love trees because kids can climb them, you can curl up under them and read, and of course, The Lorax! The cool bit about Cogworks is that the company realizes the beauty and individuality of each piece of wood and matches the wood with the project. Kinda like what I do with a book. So making bookmarks out of wood is a natural complement. Here’s an example of a bookmark by Cogworks.

Distinctive Bookmarks for Distinctive Readers @CogworksLtd


These bookmarks are so distinctive that I can’t possibly lose them!  See? PI reminds me of pie which reminds me of cake. And besides look how cute those teeny weeny numbers are! Edges and curves, people, not just cute little stampy fake wood feeling thingies.

Here’s another one that I love:

Distinctive Bookmarks for Distinctive Readers @CogworksLtd

Sugar-maple bookmark, meet my friends. Sugar is in cake so I think you know where I’m going with this.  I love love love the delicate little tree branches! I can almost smell the sugar dripping from the tap or joint or whatever it’s called.  Spile!!! That’s what it’s called. Thanks Katniss!

So, now you know what I want for Christmas. Get one for yourself while you’re over there.

I mean come ON, how cute is that PI bookmark? We all have a math geek somewhere who would love it!