• Mon. Apr 15th, 2024

CYBILS Award YA Speculative Fiction Judging: COMPLETE!


There comes a time in your life when you can’t believe a stroke of good luck happens to you. I’m living this dream as a CYBILS judge for the YA Speculative Fiction category.


If I’ve learned nothing from my time on this planet I’ve learned and hopefully passed on to you that reading takes you away. Not only does it take you away but it takes you away with friends you might not have necessarily made without some help. That’s why I’ve made the focus of this blog finding books with multicultural characters.

I hoped that by becoming a judge for YA Spec Fic I would open myself up to new friends and new adventures.¬†And I did! Over the next seven days I’ll post my reviews of the 7 books we read. Some I loved, some not so much. But the one thing I learned about the whole experience is that there are certain themes that I’m drawn to more than others; unknowingly, to be sure, and I hope to pull myself out of that darkness and learn more about these themes.

I’ll explain more in later posts.

Here is a link to the books that we judged.