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I’ve just finished two books aimed at kids to help them deal with new situations. The series is about a little boy named, Little Boy.  hahahhaa ok but seriously. The little boy in the series,  gets a new stuffy and the two of them embark on new life experiences. I know there is at least one little girl out there (or boy) who still needs a stuffy when they are anxious.

That’s why Diane Page writes books.

As a children’s book author and educator, Diane Page has always known the value of friendships,
encouragement and everyday life lessons, so it’s no wonder that all three are found in her stories for children,
each exquisitely illustrated by Bruce Bigelow.

Bobbs and the Little Boy introduces young readers to a black-and-white
stuffed creature that develops a beautiful friendship with a boy, bringing him
smiles and helping him overcome fears. Page’s second book in the series,
Bobbs and the Little Boy Meet Agnes is full of fun and new life lessons
as the two friends make the acquaintance of a girl who moves to the



In Bobbs and the Little Boy, the two meet and learn to lean on each other as they try to figure out what’s going on. Who doesn’t need to snuggle with their stuffy and riddle out the day’s confusing situations?

And then, in Bobbs and the Little Boy Meet Agnes


The two meet their new neighbor Agnes.  They miss their former neighbors and wonder what kind of neighbor Agnes (a GIRL?!?!) will turn out to be. Turns out, Agnes has issues of her own with the move.

Who knew?

Diane Page knew.  Page’s next book is due in July and called Mr. Zidderdeedee.  Say that name without cracking a smile. You can’t can you. I could say that name all day long.

Mr. Zidderdeedee

Mr. Zidderdeedee

But did you know Mr. Zidderdeedee has a purpose? Without him our trees wouldn’t grow!




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My passion is advocating for diversity in children's and YA literature.

One Comment

  • Sharon - Obsession with Books

    My kids would love these books! it sounds like they have a wonderful message to share as well.

    Thank you for sharing Pam, I’ve just started my kids review blog (as if reviewing YA wasn’t enough HA) and I’m always on the lookout for books that they’d enjoy. Thank you for sharing.

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