• Tue. Jun 18th, 2024

Carefree, Like Me! – Ch. 2: Sacra the Joyous by Rashad Malik Davis


Carefree, Like Me! – Ch. 2: Sacra the Joyous by Rashad Malik Davis

Forget about any picture book you’ve ever read before. Because Rashad Malik Davis’ illustrations will absolutely blow you away: the vivid coloring and the magical quality of the illustrations make the scenes jump out at you as if you’re watching a 3-D movie.

The story rhymes which is always a bonus in my book! But the most amazing bit about the story is that the characters accurately depict the features of the ethnicities of the characters. Imagine that! African American characters with African American features! Kids need accurate representation in so many ways. For far too long if kids saw a person of color in a book, that character had the same features as the white characters, and just given brown skin. But not here! The reader will be able to recognize themselves or their friends in the illustrations.

Accurate representation is so magnificent. Davis is an artist, every page moves the story along. Grab a copy for yourself and check out the author on social media:


Twitter @RashadMDavis

Instagram @ramalik_illustrations

Also? His books qualify for the Diversity Reading Challenge. Thanks for being an inspiration for kids, Rashad!