• Wed. Jun 12th, 2024

Buzz Aldrin Welcome to Mars (and maybe the first library on Mars too)


So…You might not know this about me but I love space stuff! I briefly worked at NASA many years ago and it was so much fun. I’ve always wanted to be an astronaut (who doesn’t) and now you thanks to the ultimate astronaut, Buzz Aldrin, you can be a space explorer too!

NatGeo’s done it again with  a book called Buzz Aldrin Welcome to Mars.

Buzz Aldrin Welcome to Mars by National Geographic

Because I’ve always wanted to be in space, I’ve simulated my video review here:

I’m thinking that once Mars is ready for settlement, there’s going to hafta be a library, right? I’m SO ready! If you’ve ever dreamed of going into space, here’s your chance to imagine what it would be like.

Thanks Buzz!