• Sat. Jun 22nd, 2024

What Books Are You Giving This Christmas?


Christmas is an excuse to buy all the books for everyone that you’ve wanted to buy all year long but didn’t. And I don’t just mean buying all the books for yourself! When I’m thinking about buying books for family I try to follow three bookish rules.

keep Christmas Bookish

This is my Diversity Christmas Tree, it represents people and cultures from all over the globe. I have other trees in the house as well, but this tree will be the one we put the main presents under. Speaking of presents, when gifting books, I try to use the three rules listed above. A book I:

  • Think they will like
  • Know they want
  • Want them to read

The reason this method works for me is, you always want to give more than one book (dontcha?) and here is how you can do it! Give them the book that’s part of a series or from an author you know they’ve enjoyed in the past. That’s the book you know they want. Ask for a suggestion from someone knowledgeable (I wonder who..?) for a book that is written in a similar style or about a similar topic to the book you know they want. And finally, Mom’s gotta put some education in their brains no matter what age they are, right? So I always like to give them a book I want them to read; something to make them smarter, better, nicer, etc. Personal growth or inspirational books usually fit this category (doesn’t everyone need to read I Am Malala? The answer is yes).

So this year I’m gifting my family the following, but you’ll hafta guess who is getting which book!

bookgiftsfamily Collage

Can you take a guess who is getting each gift? What books are you giving?