• Thu. Jul 18th, 2024

Books to Give your College Girl


I know I know it’s politically incorrect to call a young woman a girl but Oh Em Gee, if you’re like me, your young little Pumpkin will always be your little girl!


She’s graduated from high school and is now headed off to college. You KNOW I have a book or two to give her, right?

IMG_8438 (1)

Well, maybe Cleo wants to give them to Pumpkin but either way, we hope they will guide her as she starts a new chapter in her life.  The two books are:

Seventeen Ultimate Guide to College: Everything You Need to Know know Walk Onto Campus and Own It!

After the excitement of prom and high-school graduation festivities, young women begin to focus on the next big milestone; starting college. Filled with tips and stories from real students, Seventeen Ultimate Guide to College reveals everything a girl needs to know to feel confident on campus and make the next years her best yet. It contains insider secrets she won’t learn from her high school guidance counselor or a college information packet, including:
How to bond with your roomie
Navigating the college hookup scene
Sneaky ways to avoid going broke in college
Plus a bonus style section on what to wear at every type of school

I hope there’s a chapter that includes: you dont need 47 skillion pairs of high heels AND don’t forget to call your mama once a week to say hi cuz she misses you.


U Chic: College Girls’ Real Advice for your First Year and Beyond

This will help her with:

Campus Living: roommate relationships and settling into your new life

Academics: schedules, majors, and strategies for success

Social Life: making friends, getting involved, and finding love

Health & Safety: sex ed 101 and how to party smart

College Perks: internships, study abroad, spring break, and more!

We’ve got answers to your most burning questions and tons of practical tips to ensure you have an incredible college experience.

So. Coupled with a coffeemaker and tons of hugs and kisses, my Pumpkin and prolly yours too, will be ready for college!

Tell me, what book did you get your little princess to go off to college?