• Tue. Jul 23rd, 2024

Bookish Traveler Eats Her Weight in Seafood in Aruba


Yep that’s me! We recently traveled to Aruba (our FIFTH time!) and I ate my weight in yummy seafood!


Wanna see what I ate?

On the night we’re feeling particularly gluttonous, we waddle over to Texas de Brazil.  It’s at this location where swarthy looking men in guaches and boots offer you hunks of meat served on what look like swords.

Texas de Brazil.jpg

Half the time I don’t know what they’re offering me but who cares? When a man offers you meat on a stick you take it, right? Of course we don’t eat the whole day prior or after to make up for our gorging. It’s way fun.

Another yummy meal we enjoyed was at Yemanja which means sea goddess or something and is a sweet little outdoor restaurant tucked in the middle of downtown Oranjestad. The place is so secluded you forget you’re in the middle of the “city!”


Here’s the meal  le grand monsieur enjoyed. It was a yummy veggie burger with a sprouted bun, some crunchy things, a yummy salad, and a kebab of veggies. He swooned! Why men love food on sticks is beyond me.

Le petit madame ordered fish. I’m all about fish when I’m in Aruba, except when I’m gorging on meat on a stick served by men in guachos and boots.


Doesn’t that look FAB?? It was accompanied by lots of veggies and although Pammy Pam is not a friend to vegetables, I loved them they were SO delish!

Especially great about this place is that locals eat here, so you KNOW it’s good.

Wine and dessert made for a wonderful night!