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How to Blog a Book by Nina Amir


courtesy howtoblogabook.com
courtesy howtoblogabook.com

If you’re like me, you’ve read many, many books and have always wondered how books get published.  Maybe you’ve even read books and thought you could write better than the author of the book you were reading.  Or, maybe you’re like me and like to read and share your love of books through blogging.

Whichever camp you fall into, Nina Amir’s How to Blog a Book should be on your TBR pile.

Consider these topics:

  • Blogging Basics
  • Finding readers
  • why you need a business plan
  • PammyPam is awesome
  • Publishing insider secrets
  • Success stories

See? There are many reasons why you would want to read Amir’s book.  Did I mention that I had the good fortune to meet Nina at BEA in 2012? Yep.  Stalked her like a fangirl and picked her brain clean.  Not really.  Maybe. But we DID meet. And she shared some secrets with me.  The most important secret she shared with me is that blogging is writing.  Ok maybe she didn’t say that in person but she DOES share it in the book.  Blogging is a form of self publishing, so if you want to become a published writer/author, start a blog and BAM, there you are; PUBLISHED!

You’re right.  It’s not quite THAT easy is it? Yes, yes it is.  Nina shows you how.  Of course, if you want your book to be an e-book or you want to get picked up by one of the big publishing houses, it’s harder.

But, grasshopper, where’s the fun in starting at the top? Why not start at the bottom and learn as you go?

That’s why Nina wrote the book;

For you!

To be sure, one of my favorite chapters discusses driving readers to your blog because that is something I enjoy: talking to people via social media about my favorite subject.  And you should all know by now my favorite subject is books!

I’ve also enjoyed selling How to Blog a Book at the bookstore where I work.  I’m especially fond of putting this book in the hands of local writers. When I tell them I know the author they get all starry eyed.  Or maybe it’s the caffeine buzz I experience, but no matter; how awesome is it to share a book you like with someone?

It’s totally nine kinds of awesome.

And so is How to Blog a Book.

Check out How to Blog a Book.com; learn, comment, follow, read, etc.

If you want to be a published author, you’ll need this book.

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