• Thu. Jul 18th, 2024

I AM #BLACKHISTORYMONTH – The March Against Fear by Ann Bausum

Let’s celebrate Black History Month with
The March Against Fear by Ann Bausum

I am especially moved by this compelling book today. When it seems as if the United States should be much farther along in the Civil Rights Movement, a book comes along that makes you question that fact. Are we any better than June 1966 when James Meredith was shot during a walk from Memphis to Jackson? Bausum makes you wonder if we’ve really come any further. What you will learn, though is that in reaction to Meredith’s shooting (he survived) people took up the cause in what became known as The March Against Fear. Martin Luther King, Jr and Stokely Carmichael got behind this march but yet we hardly know anything about this event. And now we can learn.

Many thanks to Nat Geo for providing a great book, which is suitable for middle grade and up. Also a great tool for the classroom.