• Tue. Jul 23rd, 2024

I AM #BLACKHISTORYMONTH – NatGeo, Slave Ships and Shackles from the Deep by Michael H Cottman

Today’s book doesn’t celebrate Black History so much as discusses it from its origins.

Shackles from the Deep: Tracing the Path of a Sunken Slave Ship, a Bitter Past, and a Rich Legacy starts off with a great opening line, which is actually on the inside flap:


Isn’t that great? As the author dives he discovers the Henrietta Marie and the treasures hidden inside that tell the story of a slave trip. The book contains amazing photographs of cooking utensils and most chilling: iron shackles.

It’s a must read for folks of all ages.

This is as close as I ever want to get to a slave ship.

An embarrassing history that needs to be told.

Check it out.