• Sun. Jan 23rd, 2022

Bad Girls Book Club Letter G #atozchallenge

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Today’s letter is


The Book

 Golden Compass by Philip Pullman


Here’s a fun book for the younger YA set. Our book is a bit of a strange one but I LOVE this series. We have Lyra, who lives in Oxford College (access to books, woot!) and when her BFF Roger is kidnapped, Lyra sets out to rescue him. Because of course you do. When your BFF is rescued you go get them. In this case her BFF is Roger, but does it matter? No. Friendship is friendship and no matter how dangerous, or how far away, you must find your bestie. And so she treks up to the North, think Norway, the North Pole, etc, and befriends a giant polar bear, among other things to save her BFF from horrific experiments done on children. It’s a bit preachy but that’s to be expected of the time period it was written but who doesn’t want to  travel on top of a polar bear?
And did I mention the daemons? Think patronus only more helpful.

Lyra is one butt kicking young lady. She’s like 12. Go get em girl!

So, letter H is next!

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  1. I love books like these. Reading usually puts me to sleep, but when it’s fantasy or the unimaginable it will hold my interest. Thanks for sharing and have a great weekend. I’m following you social networks I can find and if you stop by me I hope you will follow me too. Hugs & have a great weekend. Nice to meet you!

  2. This is such a lovely book for kids. And who could pass up that cover in the first place.?

  3. Love this series ? well written YA is great for adults too ?

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