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Bad Girls Book Club Letter C #atozchallenge

Welcome to the Blogging from A to Z Challenge

It’s Monday and I hope you’re rested up, did some visiting and made new friends, I know I did!

Today’s letter is


The Book

The Conjurer's Riddle by Andrea Cremer

The Conjurer’s Riddle by Andrea Cremer

Cremer is one of the Queens of YA lit. She stays busy keeping us reading; she must write in her sleep.
The Conjurer’s Riddle is part of a series called The Inventor’s Secret. Our heroine, Charlotte, is on the run
from the British empire in the seedy underbelly of New Orleans river life. Here she leads a group of friends (revolutionaries maybe?) through underground tunnels.
I love that the cover contains a girl holding a weapon and that Charlotte will potentially have to fight pirates! You know I have a thing for pirates, right? If you fight pirates you automatically get placed in the Bad Girl club, right? Right. Oh, and rebellion. So yeah, Bad Girls club member.

What’s next? Letter D. See you tomorrow.

11 thoughts on “Bad Girls Book Club Letter C #atozchallenge”
  1. I love the A to Z challenge for this reason: I always find the neatest blogs! I’m a major bibliophile, but I’ve somehow never heard of Andrea Cremer before. This sounds right up my alley, too!

  2. Sounds good! Thanks for the tip. I’m always looking for good reads for my teens!

  3. I like strong heroines who aren’t afraid of a fight. Thanks for recommending.

  4. Love the cover and it does sound interesting! I’m looking forward to seeing the rest of your book recommendations even though my TBR pile is already rather high (figuratively now as I tend to read more e-books)

    1. yeah the knife/sword thing is pretty awesome!!

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