• Fri. Jan 21st, 2022

Bad Girls Book Club Letter U #atozchallenge

Welcome to the Blogging from A to Z Challenge

Today’s letter is


The Book

Untwine A Novel by Edwidge Danticat


Here’s my wildcard. Untwine is a story of Giselle, a girl who has a twin named Isabelle. One day Giselle finds herself injured and in the hospital. Giselle is trapped inside her body and can’t communicate. She also learns  what happened to her twin. During this time Giselle must turn inward and make sense of what happened and learn to focus on her present life.
Twins? Check.
Surviving twin?  Double check.
Butt Kicker Bad Girl?  Triple Check.

Danticat has a way of telling a story that’s unique. There’s a sense of magic and spiritualism and maybe mysticism in her writing that’s difficult to explain if you haven’t read anything of hers.

This is the last week friends! We can do it!

See ya at V.

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  1. Sounds like quite an interesting book. Adding it to my wishlist.

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