• Fri. Jan 21st, 2022

Bad Girls Book Club Letter Q #atozchallenge

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Today’s letter is


The Book

The Queen of Attolia  (The Queen’s Thief #2)
by Megan Whalen Turner


And you thought I couldn’t do it, didn’t you? Well OF COURSE Queen starts with the letter Q! Briefly, we have a queen who lost some kind of mythical object. Then there’s the guy who stole it, some kind of thief. I haven’t read the book but the synopsis looks complicated. But I love historical fiction so I might just have to put this title on my TBR list. So queens are def members of the Bad Girls Club, right? I mean, after all, we will need someone to rule us, right?

Let’s head on over to letter R…

4 thoughts on “Bad Girls Book Club Letter Q #atozchallenge”
  1. had to head over to goodreads because the book does sound interesting.

    i just started as childrens’ librarian and i’m trying to get in diverse books like george and you, me, and him.

  2. Sounds like a good read. And it’s impossible to be Queenly if you aren’t a bad girl!

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