#AtoZChallenge – T Tankborn, Tango makes 3

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Welcome back! After you’ve had your fill of Tia’s spaghetti, let’s settle in and look at a few multicultural books.

And Tango Makes Three

And Tango Makes Three by Justin Richardson and Peter Parnell


Oh I love this book so HARD! It’s the story of a pair of male penguins who adopt an abandoned baby penguin and raise it as their own.  You’ll love the family aspect of it in addition to the cute little penguins, which I still want.


Tiger Boy

Tiger Boy by Mitali Perkins

I read Tiger Boy a month or so ago and fell. in. love! Mitali Perkins makes me want to visit the Sunderbahns and the cute little lion cubs. Here’s my review. I’m not above begging for sequels.



Tankborn by Karen Sandler


I had the pleasure of meeting Karen Sandler this fall at KidLitCon and I was THRILLED to see a book with a girl of color on the cover! It’s so rare to find a dystopian book depicting people of color so I can’t wait to read this. It’s on my nightstand waiting until my summer vacay where I will devour it like chocolate cake. Karen is very active in the We Need Diverse Books movement so check her out!

WOWWEEE What a day this has been. I’m beat, how about you?

Let’s rest up until letter U, mkay?


6 thoughts on “#AtoZChallenge – T Tankborn, Tango makes 3”

  1. ERMEGERD, THAT BEBE PENGUIN!!!! THAT TIGER BABY! And YES, that is a wonderful cover on TANKBORN! Wow, your site is such a treasure trove!

  2. I chose Tango as one of my censored/challenged books in my Children’s Lit class, and thought it was so so sweet and cute. I was really saddened to learn the penguins broke up in real life.

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