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#AtoZChallenge: X

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The blogging from a to z challenge: X

Believe it or not, there are quite a few titles that begin with X

There the X-men comics, which I know nothing about

the X files which I heard of in the 90s.

There is also a book called

Xenocide by Orson Scott Card

which is part of the Ender’s Game series.

I’ve not read that one either, although Ender’s Game is  sitting on my nightstand waiting.

Taking a little poetic license,

I’d like to feature

Great Expectations, get it “X pectations”? haha!

What’s so awesome about this version is that it’s a graphic novel!

I spotted it at my favorite book store (and soon to be employer) and thought it was perfect.

Of course, we all know the story of poor Pip who goes from rags to riches to rags (and riches?) again.

A great story, to be sure, but Dickens is difficult to swallow for many non readers.

This graphic novel might be easier for reluctant readers to take on, and that’s a win win!

bring on the next letter…

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