• Wed. Jun 12th, 2024

ARIOL, Just a Donkey Like You and Me by my buds at Papercutz


I love the guys at Papercutz, I really I do. Here’s why:


Have you ever wanted to live in a place where it’s summer year-round and skip those cold, cold winter mornings? Have you ever tried to get out of the really hard stuff in gym class? Have you ever wondered why school starts so darned early? If so, it sounds like you were once a kid, and if you were ever a kid, you’ll love Ariol, the latest graphic novel series from Papercutz, the comics company for adventurers of all ages!
Written by international best-selling author Emmanuel Guibert with art by the critically acclaimed children’s book illustrator Marc Boutavant,Ariol is about all the questions that are big when you’re little, in tidy sitcom-like vignettes that aren’t just funny but surprisingly true. It’s hard to find children’s books that show us the way life as a kid actually is rather than how we all want it to be; Ariol is the straight story about growing up and all its ridiculousness! Oh, and it also stars a little blue donkey.
Guibert is world-renowned for S.A.R.D.I.N.E., his hit children’s graphic novel series, and The Photographer, winner of the Essentials of Angoul√™me award. Boutavant is best known for Around the World With Mouk, which inspired the Disney Junior animated series Mouk in the UK. Their first team-up here is not only an artistic achievement but an industry event.
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Uh oh, poor poor Ariol. How will he ever fix this??
Love his scarf tho…